Change Field Names


Many Fields in Shepherd's Staff can have their names changed to better suit your church. For example, if your church isn't interested in tracking when someone took their first communion, but you have another key event that you want to record for your members, you could change the name of the "First Communion" field to something else.

  1. Log in to Shepherd's Staff as someone that has full supervisor level control to all modules. The SYSADMIN account is common to every Shepherd's Staff install and has full supervisor access to all modules.
  2. In the Membership module, click on "Tools/settings"
  3. Check the box for Customize field names
  4. In the field box, select the field that you want to change the name of.
  5. In the Change to box, type in what you want to change the field name to. The original field name will appear in blue text to the right of this box.
  6. Click Save to make the change.