Person/Household Record Defaults


To save time when you're entering new people and households in Shepherd's Staff, you might choose to have some fields filled out automatically with information that is common enough to your church that you would fill it in for the majority of new people or households you enter. In the Tools/Settings section of Shepherd's Staff, you can set several default options for some fields to help you save time when entering these new records.

  1. Log in to Shepherd's Staff as someone that has full supervisor level control to all modules. The SYSADMIN account is common to every Shepherd's Staff account and has full supervisor access to all modules.
  2. In the Membership Module, click on "Tools/Settings" and check the box for "Defaults when adding new people
  3. The City/State/Postal code/Country/County fields allow you to fill in text that will be used whenever you're adding a new household. This will make it so whatever you type into these fields will be pre-entered whenever you create a new household record.
  4. The Newsletter field makes it so the newsletter mailing option is set to what you choose here by default when you create a new household
  5. The include in Church360° Unite checkbox will determine if people, when added, are selected to be synced to Church360° Unite.
  6. Grade cutoff determines what School Grade a child will be placed into by default when you add in their birthday information, when adding a person record. So, for example, if you have a 5 year old child, and your school cut off date is September 1st, if the child's birthday falls on or before September 1st, the child would be placed in Kindergarten. If the child's birthday falls after September 1st, then the child would be placed in Preschool 4.
  7. The Show box will add additional fields that appear when you add a new person record. If any of these pieces of information are considered critical to your church, and you want to make sure these get added when you add a new person, check the box next to that field so you can have that field appear when entering a new record.