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Keeping your database synced with WebTools is important so your data is kept up to date. The icon on the Shepherd's Staff Central Toolbar allows you to quickly sync WebTools at any time.

When you sync WebTools, data from your database is sent to a server. The data includes church name, church address, person name, event names and info, enrollees, and contributions information.



Before you can sync WebTools, you must register your database and have a current support plan.

Key Parts

» Sync button—Clicking this button will sync all the information in your WebTools site with your Shepherd’s Staff database. This sync needs to be done only when you have new members, households, envelope numbers, events, or contributions information.

» Website icon—Clicking this will open your WebTools site in your default browser. 

» Copy URL icon—Clicking this will copy your WebTools URL. You can then paste the URL to share it with others.

» Other information—Below the WebTools URL is information like support status, support end date, and database status. It’s normal for these fields to not display information. Before the sync is complete, Shepherd’s Staff confirms this information and displays it then.


Here is how to sync WebTools:

  1. Open the Membership module.
  2. Click the WebTools icon in the top navigation. This icon will have a red symbol added if you need to sync your WebTools site.
  3. Click Sync. A screen will show up and disappear once the sync is complete.



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