Enrollees are people who attend an event the most often. While optional, it is recommended that you update and use a list of enrollees. In every view, enrollees can be selected from a filter drop-down and used to display data for those most likely to attend an event. The enrollee list can also be used to narrow down reports and subgroups.

The list of enrollees can be added to or updated at any time. When you first create an event, you will only have the option to add enrollees manually by clicking the Add button. If you edit the event, you will have the option to add enrollees manually or to automatically Update the list. Update will look through the attendance records for the past thirty days and will add anyone who has attended the event twice in that time frame. To remove enrollees, click the person’s name and click Remove or use Purge. Purge will automatically remove people who have not attended the event in the past 120 days.


Key Terms

» Add—Adds people to the list of enrollees.

» Remove—Removes selected people from the list of enrollees.

» Clear All—Removes all people from the list of enrollees.

» Update—Adds people who have attended the event twice in the past thirty days.

» Purge—Removes people who have not attended the event in the past 120 days.


Here is how to use the Enrollees view:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the Events tab, then select the Enrollees
  2. Select a row for the event for which you want to add or remove enrollees.
  3. Click Edit or Add in the command line or double click the event name.
  4. Click Add or Update.
  5. Clicking Add will bring up a view similar to the Advanced Batch Entry with two columns. Select the people from the list of possible attendees (left side) and click Add to add them to the list of selected enrollees (right side). Use the Ctrl key on your keyboard to select multiple people at once. When you are finished, click Continue.
  6. Clicking Update will display a description of who will be added to the enrollee list. After confirming the list of enrollees, click Continue.
  7. To clean up the list of attendees, select people from the list and click Remove. Alternatively, you can select Purge to automatically delete people.
  8. When you are done making changes to the event, click Save.





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