Introduction to Church Register


The Church Register allows the church to record significant events and keep them permanently. Churches usually have a “Big Book” that these events are recorded in and this is a way to record the events electronically in a database.

These records need to be manually keyed in and this actually allows you to keep records for people that do not have records in Membership. Weddings and Baptisms, for example, often involve people that may not be in the church’s database. With the Church Register, participants in such events can be recorded within the Event record without having to add them to Membership.

The Church Register records:

» Weddings

» Funerals

» Baptisms

» Ministers / Clergy

» Officers

» Historical Events

Also, there are three User-Defined fields that can be renamed to anything the church wants to record. They default to Confirmed, First Communion, and User-Defined 3.

Note: The Church Register is a stand alone grid so none of the information entered will be automatically changed in the Person record and vice-versa. Moreover, the Register records are not affected by year end or the removal of a person.