Add/Edit Weddings


Adding Weddings to the Wedding view can be accomplished by opening the wedding view, clicking the add button at the bottom of the grid, and filling in each piece of information that the next window requires, and you can edit any wedding that has been entered previously by double clicking on the wedding record. 

  1. The first step is to make sure that both people who are to be married have been entered into Shepherd's Staff as people. If this is not true, first, go and add the person record(s) for the people you are adding.
  2. In the Church Register section of Membership, click on Weddings and click "Add"
  3. Select the who the wife and husband are from the option fields for "Married Name" for both wife and husband. When you select the names, if the data for Birth Name (based on the prior Surname field), Age (based on their Birth Date, this will display the person's current age, not the age at the date of their wedding, so you can adjust if needed), Residence (based on their household Address) and Register Number (based on the Register Number field in the person record). If the selected people are members of the church, the Member of Church box will be checked automatically
  4. Fill in the remaining fields with the appropriate information for the couple. If the couple have a wedding date already filled in their person records, this will be filled in automatically.
  5. Click Save when finished.


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