The Church Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your Membership data. This includes information about activity among different groups of people, changes in membership, counts and listings of different people and households, age breakdowns of particular groups and member summary information per year.

The Church Dashboard for Membership contains tabs for five different views. Behavior, Changes, Counts, By Age and Member summary. Between these views, some common functions are shared.

» People—Shows the specific people for the selected field within the selected section.

» View—Opens the person record of the selected person.

» Copy—Copies the graph within the selected section to the Windows clipboard.

» Export—Sends the data within the selected section to your spreadsheet program.

» Subgroup—Creates a Static subgroup from the people in the selected section.


Each tab provides different sets of data based on data from person, household, attendance and contributions data.

  1. To access the Church Dashboard, in the Shepherd's Staff Central toolbar, click the Common Reports icon, and select Church Dashboard
  2. The Behavior Tab is the first tab to appear, and this shows activity based on attendance and giving for a set time period for a specific group of people
  3. The Changes tab shows changes in your Membership over a set period of time
  4. The Counts tab provides the number and identity of people and households in specific groupings.
  5. The By age tab provides an age range breakdown for specific groups of people within the Church
  6. The Member summary tab shows the total number of people in specific categories of Membership over years with recorded data in Shepherd's Staff.
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