The Church Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your data for the Membership, Attendance, Contributions and Finance module. It provides you with at-a-glance statistical information broken down in several different ways.

There are a couple common functions among the dashboards for the different modules:

  • Copy - This will copy the currently displayed chart to the Windows clipboard to be pasted into another program, such as Microsoft Word
  • Export - This will export the currently displayed information on a grid out to a spreadsheet program.

There are also a set of buttons along the side, under the Help button that will affect the dashboard as well:

  • Show the Dashboard on start up? - If clicked, this button will turn blue. When this is toggled on, every time you start Shepherd's Staff, the dashboard will appear automatically
  • Cycle through the available chart types - If a chart is displayed, this will cycle through the different types of charts, such as bar and line charts.
  • Show or hide values on the graph - This will make it so the values of different points on the graph will be displayed directly on the graph.

Four of the Shepherd's Staff modules offer a dashboard with information that is unique to that module: