Multi-year rewrite of Shepherd's Staff!


What’s new with Shepherd’s Staff?

At Concordia Publishing House, we are rebuilding Shepherd’s from the ground up. We are not moving Shepherd’s Staff online; the new version will still be desktop-based. This multi-year project will extend the life of Shepherd’s Staff, making it easier to use the software as technology continues to develop.

Specifically, we are rewriting Shepherd's Staff in a new, more modern, computer language. This allows the program to operate more effectively on the newest computers, work well with future versions of Microsoft Windows, and allows us to employ new tools and techniques to add better features that are more helpful to you! 


A new rewrite means new features

We are adding and redesigning many features. In some cases, we are removing features that are not used by most users. If a feature was removed that you like to use, please feel free to contact us either by email, phone, or a comment on this help center. If enough people want the same feature, we can add it back into Shepherd's Staff. 

Lastly, the layout of Shepherd's Staff will be changing drastically. Instead of dozens of different windows for each data grid, each module will be contained in a single window with tabs and different categories for each tab. Eventually each module in Shepherd's Staff will mirror this layout. 

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  • A couple features I think would be nice are -
    1) Link offerings to attendance so if an offering is received for a service Attendance is easily updated.
    2) Have a data entry screen for pledges akin to offerings so the pledge year and fund are defaulted.
    3) Make the Help section more informative, especially in explaining what different actions do. An example we just encountered was well over 150 pledges were entered with the wrong pledge year. It's not clear how to correct this so all the offerings for 2018 are applied to the 2018 pledge.

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  • Hi Kevin,
    We appreciate the feedback! I will be sure the appropriate developers and people see it.

    Shepherd's Staff does have a feature that will create an attendance batch based off the people in an offering batch after it is posted. The setting is found in the Attendance module, under the Tools/Settings tab. Directions can be found here.

    After the setting is changed, any time an offering batch is posted a new window will appear asking to select a service for an attendance batch to be created for. Hope that helps!

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  • Brad, I've been using Shepherds Staff Finance module DAILY since 2005. I have 10 different Funds set up to keep track of the church, the school, the school cafeteria, etc. I have a lot to say about what I love and would hate to lose. And some suggestions for the future! Should I post comments here, or send an email?

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