Photos load with Landscape Orientation



When you try to upload a Household or Person photo, they upload in horizontally.  

The orientation info in the EXIF data, on the device/phone, of the photo is possibly incorrect (either due to some post-processing, or the software used to save it not setting it correctly, or it's not been set correctly in-camera. The file says it is landscape although the picture is portrait.  The integrated image viewer, on the phone/device, does not take this into account so it displays picture as portrait, but other programs, such as Shepherd's Staff, take it into account therefore displaying it (correctly from their point of view) in landscape.



You can simply rotate the image or attempt to fix the EXIF data.  Double-click the file on your PC to open it.  Once the file is opened, find the Edit function/icon and click it.  Now, in Edit mode, just Save a Copy or try Save As to create a new file that is saved with the correct orientation/photo data.  Once your new file is created, you can upload it to your Household or Person record.