Once you have entered a Household, you can add a people. Person Records contain information on individuals. There are more fields than Household Records, but again, only the blue-colored font fields are required.

  • Add a person by clicking the +P icon, then select the Household to which this person belongs by selecting it from the drop list.
  • The Person Records feature starts on the Church tab. The Church tab contains the individual’s spiritual information. For a member, the fields are Received By, Date Received, and Membership Code. For a nonmember, these fields cannot be filled in.
  • If the envelope number is known, key it in. This is the only place in Membership to give someone an envelope number (otherwise, it is done in Contributions).

Shepherd’s Staff is designed so that churches can key in every different type of person that comes through the doors: members, nonmembers, friends, visitors, everyone! The key to success is data-entry consistency and your ability to filter out individuals or groups when producing reports, labels, or other information.



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