Adding a Person [Legacy]


There are four different ways to add a person:

» Click the +P button on the toolbar

» Go to the Person Grid and click the Add button

» Go to the menu bar and select “Add” from the Records > Person pop out.

» Go to the Person’s Household record and click Add Person on the Family/Church tab. The benefit of this last option is that the household name, primary address, and primary phone/email are already filled in when you start. 

In order to save a Person record (OK button) you must fill out all the fields with a blue heading. These are required fields and are needed by the software for a valid Person record. 

Although the majority of the fields are not required, the more thorough the data entry, the more useful the database. Please fill in as much information in records as possible. 

Every Person record also contains “Notes.” These notes can be used for any purpose but keep in mind you will not be able to run reports or subgroups based on notes. If a Note is added, a button will appear like a thumbtack (see below).

  1. Enter in the First and Last name.
  2. Choose the person’s household from the drop-down list. The primary address, phone number, and household email will fill in with the information from the Household record.
  3. Choose whether they are a member or a nonmember.
  4. If you choose “member,” you will need to fill in the Membership Code, Received by, and Received Date.
  5. At this point, you can be done with the entry if you want, or you can continue to fill out the person’s record.
  6. If you don’t want to continue, click OK to save the person’s record.
  7. If you wish to continue, there are five different tabs on each Person record that can hold specific information. Each of these tabs will be covered on the following pages.


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