Top givers


The Top Givers view allows you to see the top "X" number of givers to a particular fund or set of funds. This view can be handy, as your church may want to somehow recognize these contributors, or reach out to these givers about an upcoming giving campaign.

  1. To access the Top Givers view, open the contributions module, and click on Analysis. Then, choose "Top Givers"
  2. Select the group of contributors you want to consider in the "Who" box. There are a few preset groups, including (all envelopes), Active envelopes and Inactive envelopes, amongst others. If you want to select just a particular subgroup of givers, select the "* For a subgroup" option and then select the subgroup you want to use in the window that appears.
  3. In the "Giving from" boxes, set the date range you want to consider for determining who your top givers are.
  4. In the "How many?" box, you can choose how many contributors will be included in your top givers. You can select this number in increments of 10.
  5. Next, select which fund(s) you want to consider for your top givers. Check the box next to each fund you want to be considered in the view. If you're having trouble finding a particular fund, type the name of that fund in the "Type here to search..." box. This will highlight the fund on your list. If you want to see any inactive funds you may have, uncheck the "Hide inactive funds" box on the right side of the window. 
  6. Click the "Find" button in the top right corner of the window, and this will show you the number of contributors you selected in the "How many?" box, in order of who gave the most to who gave the least. 
  7. If you click the print option, you'll see two options. The (default) option prepares a list of contributors, in order of most giving to least, with a total amount given, and a total to each fund that contributor gave to. The Mailing labels option will let you prepare mailing labels for each contributor on the grid.