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Entering attendance in WebTools is easy and simple. It allows you—or volunteers—to enter attendance from home if you do not have the ability to enter it from the church office. The attendance batches in WebTools are a simplified form of the attendance batches in Shepherd’s Staff®. There is no way to add guests in WebTools (you can list them in the notes), and WebTools automatically assumes that members who are confirmed take Communion. 

People can be added both individually and as families to make things easy and quick. In addition, you can sort everyone into categories by clicking the tabs under the search bar. The categories available are Members, Enrollees, and Non-members.


Key Parts

» Search—This can be used to quickly find an individual or household. You can search for a full name or just part of a name. 

» People tabs—Under the search bar, you will find several tabs that allow you to sort the list of people to easily find individuals. 

» Adding people—The first row of each household will have two icons. The icon on the left will add the entire family. The icon on the right will add only a single person. You can add people to the list by clicking either icon.

» People attended—A list of people who attended the event will start to form at the bottom of the page. This will display everyone who was marked as attended. 

» Communion—If the event has Communion, WebTools will by default mark all people as having participated in Communion. To change this, you will need to edit the row by clicking the pen icon next to each person’s name and clicking the Communion check box.


Here is how to create an attendance batch:

  1. Log into WebTools.
  2. Click the Attendance Batches tab.
  3. Click Add a Batch.
  4. Select a date and an event, and click Continue.
  5. Click the purple icons to add people to the batch.
  6. When you are finished, click Save Batch.
  7. Go back to the main Attendance Batches tab, and click the status of the new batch. Changing the status from “In process” to “Ready” will allow you to import the batch into Shepherd's Staff.



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