Attendance Comparison



The Attendance Comparison report displays the total number of attendees for events over the course of one or multiple years for a set period of time. Like other reports, this report can be tailored to a specific group of people or event.

Unlike other reports, this one has two layouts. The layout affects not only how the page is printed out but also how the data is laid out on the page. If Horizonal is selected, data is displayed by event and event type. The total is broken down by the time period you choose, and only the total for the time period is listed. If Vertical is selected, the data is separated by time period and year, with each column being a different event type. This layout also includes the average attendance per event and the average attendance per year.


Key Parts

» Who—Contains a list of various groups of people, including members, enrollees, and people from a subgroup or list.

» Year—Determines the start and end year you want data to be displayed for.

» Period—Determines the length of time you want data to be grouped by (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly).

» Search by—Has two options that allow you to search by event type or by specific events.

» Layout—Changes the layout of the data on the page and what information is available in the report.


Here is how to generate an Attendance Comparison Report:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the Reports tab, then select Attendance Comparison from the list of reports.
  2. Select an option from the Who drop-down.
  3. Select a Period.
  4. Pick a date range.
  5. Select either a Type or an Event by clicking the radial buttons and selecting the options that apply.
  6. Pick a Layout.
  7. Click Print.



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