Fix Attendance Posting Mistake



Once a batch is posted, there are limited options available for editing the batch. Attendance records can be added or removed manually, but there is no way to change the event, date, or type. To change the event, date, or type, you will need to use the Fix Attendance Posting Mistakes utility. If you created the event and attendance records manually, they will not show up in this utility.

This utility allows you to select a batch that was previously entered and change the date, event, or type. This will also change all attendance and event records associated with that batch and then update all grids.



After the utility has been run, some views may not update fully until you close and reopen the Attendance module.


Here is how to fix an attendance posting mistake:

  1. Open Attendance and select the Tools/Settings
  2. Select Fix attendance posting mistakes under the Tools
  3. Click Start.
  4. Select the Batch you wish to change, and click Continue.
  5. Make the desired changes to the batch by selecting the check box next to the option and selecting a new date, event, or type.
  6. Click Save.



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