Clean up Attendance Data



Over time, Shepherd’s Staff® can build up a large amount of attendance data. Some of this data may not be needed anymore and will ultimately slow down the software. Because of this, a utility is included that will remove all attendance detail records that are more than ten years old. Information in the Attendance by person/year, Attendance by year, Event by date, and Event by year views will be retained, allowing you to see totals but not to see who specifically attended those events.



It is HIGHLY recommended that you perform a backup before using this utility. Once this utility has been run, there is no way to recover the information without restoring a backup.


Here is how to clean up your attendance data:

  1. Back up your database!
  2. Open the Attendance module and select the Tools/Settings
  3. Under the Tools section, select Clean up your attendance data.
  4. Click Start.
  5. Check the box to confirm the removal of the records.
  6. Click Continue.



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