Select a Church


If you are using multiple databases, you can toggle between them by using the “Switch database” utility.

This utility can also help if you accidentally get connected to the wrong database and need to get back to the correct one.

The items of this utility include:

» Current database—This is the filename of the current database you are logged into.

» Current folder—This is the folder the current database is in.

» Databases in this folder—These are the other databases available in the current folder.

» Statistics—These statistics are based on the database selected under “Databases you may select.” It is NOT showing statistics for the current database.

  1. From the Shepherd’s Staff Central Window, clicking Tools>Switch database.
  2. When the “Select a Church” window opens, it will initially display statistics for the database you are currently using.
  3. Click on a database under “Databases you may select” to display its statistics. This display is designed to prevent selecting the wrong database.
  4. If you are not sure you have the right database, check dates like “Last Attendance,” “Last Offering,” and “Last Audit Log” to see if this database has been used recently.
  5. Once the desired database has been selected, press “Select” to start using the database.
  6. If the database you want is in a different folder, click the “Change Folder” button and browse for the other database.

Another method to quickly change to a new database is by clicking the "Switch" button on the sign-in screen when you first start Shepherd's Staff. This will begin the same selection process as above.