Create a Church


The Create a Church utility allows you to create a new church database.

A new database will contain the same Program Settings as the church. It is recommended that you change the name of the church immediately after opening it to prevent any confusion.

By changing the names of multiple databases, you will always know which one is active.

» Warning: Shepherd’s Staff databases cannot be combined. Each database that a church has must be managed independently including making separate backups.

  1. From the Shepherd’s Staff Login Window, click on Utilities.
  2. Select “Create a church database”.
  3. In the window that appears, give the new database file a name. The default name will be your current database name with “-Copy” appended to the end.
  4. Click “Create Database” to create your new Church Database.
  5. Enter your new database information into the Church tab of the Program Settings window and click “Save’ when finished.