Responsibility and Church Body


When grouping accounts, there are also two additional groupings available:

» Responsibility Codes—These are for attaching a person or group to the particular accounts for which they are responsible.

» Church Body—These codes are a way that churches can single out certain Accounts for reporting balances to denomination offices. If the church doesn’t report to any denominational office, the Church Body code can be used just as an additional way of grouping accounts for the church.

These groupings are different from Major and Minor groups because they are global for all your accounts.

This means that a Responsibility Code of “03—Secretary” could be attached to both an income account in fund 01 as well as an expense account in fund 02. The Church Body codes work in a similar manner. This also means that Shepherd’s staff only allows 99 of each of these codes.

Adding a Code:

  1. Open the accounts grid.
  2. Add or edit an account.
  3. Within the code fields, type in the number of the new code you want to make.
  4. Now click the pencil icon next to the name field.
  5. Type in the name and click the save icon.

Editing a Code name:

  1. Works the same way that adding a group name does except you will need to choose the group your are editing instead of typing in a new number to the number field.