Major and Minor Groups


As you add more and more accounts to your fund, you may end up wanting to group them into related categories.

A small congregation with simple financial needs may not use Major or Minor groups at all.

A mid-size congregation may find Minor groups useful to group some Accounts together (such as all utilities or salaries).

A large congregation may use Major groups to group related Minor groups. For example, let’s say that within your expense accounts you have a major group titled Building Maintenance. Within that Major group you may have several minor groups, such as Exterior Care and Interior Care.

Then, each Minor group will have individual Accounts detailing the items in the Minor groups. Exterior Care might have accounts such as mowing service expense, snow removal expense, and painting expense. Then Interior Care may have floor cleaning, bathroom cleaning, and even it’s own painting expense account.

If a congregation sees its expenses rising, it might first see what Major group increased, then look to see which Minor group went up, and finally track down to the detailed Account level for analysis.

Adding a Major or Minor Group:

  1. Open the accounts grid.
  2. Add or edit an account.
  3. Within the major or minor fields, type in the number of the new group you want to make.
  4. Now click the pencil icon next to the name field.
  5. Type in the name and click the save icon.

Editing a Major or Minor Group name:

  1. Works the same way that adding a group name does except you will need to choose the group you are editing instead of typing a new number into the number field.