Add/Edit Route Summaries


Each time a route is run, a new route summary record should be created to track the details of that day's running of the route. We will walk through how to add a route summary below, and also how to edit an existing route summary record.

  1. You can access the Route summary view by clicking on the Routes tab at the top of the window, and on left side of the screen, click on Route Summary to pull up the Route Summary Grid.
  2. Click the add button at the bottom of the window to create a Route Summary record, or if you need to edit an existing route summary record, click on the record you need to update and click "Edit".
  3. The first thing to select in the Add Route Summary window is which route is being run. You can select this in the "Ministry Route" field, where each route that has been added will appear. You can then select what the date the route was run on in the "Summary date" field.
  4. In the type/category field, you will need to fill in what type of route this was, such as "VBS" or "Food Delivery"
  5. The Expected riders / contacts fields and the Actual riders / contacts field represent how many contacts you were expecting to have on this route, and how many you actually had on the route for the day respectively. Visitors represents non-registered contacts for the route that you picked up (such as children bringing a friend to VBS). Total riders/contacts the total number of people that were served on this ministry route.
  6. The Miles field represents how many miles total were driven on this instance of the ministry route. Total stops represents the number of stops made to pick up and drop off contacts for the route. The third field, Quantity is open for whatever use you may need, as it is a user-defined field, which can be edited in the Tools/Settings section of the Scheduler module.
  7. The Driver and Assistant fields let you designate who drove on this route, who their assistant was (if present). The Text 1 and 2 and the Checkbox 1 and 2 fields are user-defined fields which can be edited in the Tools/Settings section of the Scheduler module.
  8. Any additional notes can be filled in to the Notes field.
  9. Click Save when finished to add the Route Summary record.


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