Shepherd's Staff 2020 release [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20191031

Released October 31st, 2019

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Completely redesigned Membership module Graphical user interface (GUI). 
  • Membership record grids moved to sub-tabs and grouped together under primary tabs.  
  • Search and filter boxes added to the majority of the Membership module views. 
  • Membership views can be sorted by columns. Sorting is available on columns titled with a bold font.  
  • Added the ability to save Membership views, Membership reports, and actions for future use.
  • Any view can be made into a report by using filters and searches.
  • Combined People grid, Household grid, and Household Tree into a single household and people view.
  • Find Birthdays, Baptisms, Confirmations, Weddings, etc... in the new Anniversaries view.
  • Added a redesigned Church Register view.
  • Added a Parents Search view which allows for easy creation of reports and mailing labels for the parents of children
  • Added Combine Duplicate Person Utility.
  • Organize, schedule and keep track of contact your church has with your congregation with the new Touchpoints feature.
  • Find people who are best suited for positions at your church with the new Volunteer Search view.
  • Archive and purge unwanted person records from the Membership module.
  • Added redesigned Church Dashboard for the Membership and Attendance module.
  • Redesigned Email utility. Now allows sending emails through Gmail,, Yahoo,  and Zoho as well as the desktop version of Outlook.
  • Redesigned Church360° Unite Sync Utility
  • Redesigned Database structure. 
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