Vehicle Report


At the year-end, it's a good time to review information about the vehicles that your churches own, and see if there's any maintenance that you may need to catch up on. The vehicle report is perfect for this purpose. 

To access the Vehicle report, in Scheduler, click on Reports and choose "Vehicles". In the "Report for" box, choose if you want to run this report for all the vehicles your church has, or just one particular vehicle. In the format box, you can choose if you want to get a listing of the information for the vehicles, or, a blank maintenance form that a person can fill out so whoever takes the vehicle in for maintenance can fill out the appropriate information and you can record it back into Shepherd's staff.

The last option is to "Include Maintenance records from:". If you check this box, you can then select a date range. Along with the information on your church's vehicles, you'll also get any maintenance records that have been entered for those vehicles within the date range you select.

When finished setting up the report, click preview to get a look at the report, and when ready, click print to get a printed copy of the report.


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