The Check-In application allows you to set up a computer where people enter your church and check themselves in for worship. This program includes the ability to

  • assign any number of events to a kiosk and automate when various events appear on a given kiosk;
  • print name badges at the time the person records attendance;
  • allow visitors to register from within the kiosk, which adds them to the database and records their attendance; and
  • tailor the display of the kiosk, including setting background and foreground colors, the font, and the initial splash screen graphic.

Setting Up a Kiosk Event

If you plan on using the Shepherd’s Staff Check-In, you will need to set up your events to work with the kiosk.

  • Go to Records in the File menu and choose Events/Enrollees. Highlight the event you want to set up and click Edit.
  • Go to the Kiosk Settings tab. Select the appropriate options and click OK to save the settings.

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