Setting Up the Kiosk



» The new kiosk application requires the .NET 4.0 framework. This will not work with certain Windows XP setups unless Service Pack 3 is installed. Please refer to the following website for details on framework compatibility:

» However, since Microsoft ended all support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, we strongly recommend that customers consider investing in a new Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC. Information regarding Microsoft ending XP support is found here:

If you are currently using the old kiosk:

» The new kiosk replaces the old one, which means that the older kiosk will cease to function as soon as you update the church database to version 8.1.

» The installation process does not uninstall the older kiosk. That should be done manually from under the Windows “Add/remove programs” menu.

  1. The first step in setting up a kiosk is to set up a computer that is attached to the church network. The computer must also be mapped, and the users (or shared login) given read/write permissions to the drive where the church’s Shepherd’s Staff database is located.
  2. If you are going to print name badges, install your DYMO label printer and software following the instructions provided with your printer. 
  3. If you are going to print barcodes on name badges, install your hand scanner following the instructions that come with the scanner. This will require you to scan a particular USB scanner code (printed in the setup guide) in order to get the scanner running correctly. It will be one that scans in text without a carriage return.
  4. Now install the Shepherd’s Staff Check-In program located on your installation CD under the Check-In folder. Double-click the Setup application file to launch the installer. When the installer completes, you will see a Shepherd’s Staff Check-In icon on your desktop.
  5. Start the program. Since this is a first-time setup, you will receive a message asking you to connect to your database.
  6. Click OK and a folder browsing window appears. Select the mapped location containing your Shepherd’s Staff database. You will receive a message asking you to choose your database.
  7. Click OK and the database choice list appears, showing all valid Shepherd’s Staff databases in the specified folder. Select the church database and then click the Save button.
  8. You receive a “Finished!” message. The Check-In application is now linked to the database, and the computer has also been registered with the church database so that it appears in the list of available kiosks when you work with Attendance Events.
  9. If you installed a DYMO printer, select that printer from the Label Printer choice list and click Save.

Touchscreen Monitor

» We have designed the self-service attendance entry to work with a wide screen touchscreen monitor (However, the kiosk also operates using a keyboard, mouse, or any combination of the three).

» If you are going to use a mouse for kiosk data entry, we recommend not setting the mouse cursor to automatically jump to the default button on the screen. Using a “snap to default button” setting can have undesirable effects when people try to enter their information into the kiosk.

Name Badges

» Name badges print using DYMO brand printers and DYMO 30321 labels. We do not support any other label printers at this time, or any other size of DYMO labels (though we plan to support DYMO 30256 labels in the future, which are larger than 30321).

Hand Scanner

» If you plan on using the barcodes for name badges, you will need a hand scanner in order to scan those barcodes into the computer.

» For details on purchasing any of these items, please contact CTS Sales


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