Tools Tab


The Tools tab contains various utilities you can run that affect Shepherd's Staff in different ways. The tools tab also contains Contributions and Finance settings that affect those modules specifically. Below is a listing that walks through each of the items on this tab, and what these items do:

  • Check for program updates - Running this tool will prompt the Shepherd's Staff updater utility to check to see if there are any available Shepherd's Staff updates. If there are, you will be prompted to close Shepherd's Staff in order to install the updates. This tool requires a current support contract and your database must be registered in order to receive updates.
  • Register this database with WebTools - This tool will open the WebTools Manager window to register your Shepherd's Staff database so you can receive software updates and use the WebTools features of Shepherd's Staff.
  • Compress Membership photos - This utility will compress all photos in your photos folder for Shepherd's Staff, which will reduce the file size on these photos. A backup is recommended before running this utility
  • Reset the "Finance is checked out" warning - This utility will clear the warning that appears when you make a backup and you opt to "check out" finance. When finance is checked out users are warned that the changes they make in the finance module will be overwritten when a backup is restored.

There are also tools and options here that affect the Contributions and Finance modules of Shepherd's Staff. These items are detailed below:

  • Do not use preferred names in contributor names - This will make it so when viewing the contributions module, instead of listing a person's preferred name, the person's first name will be used instead. (For example, Dave Abbot has Dave listed as his preferred name, but David listed as his first name. If this option is used, throughout the contributions module, he would be listed as "David Abbot" instead of "Dave Abbot")
  • Enable FASB 117 features - Checking this box will turn on additional options for reports and accounts to accommodate for FASB 117 accounting principals. Only turn this feature on under the advice and supervision of an accounting professional.
  • Finance year - This section lets you know what finance year your finance module is currently in. You can change your finance year by changing the date in the first box. It is recommended that you only change the year in the first box to go back entire years. For more details, see our article on rolling back your finance year
  • Sales tax rate - This field lets you set the sales tax rate for your area. This is used within the Accounts Receivable section of the Finance module on items that have been designated as "Taxable".