Action-Based Task


There are times when repeating a task based on a schedule will just not work. This is where action-based tasks come into play. These tasks generate automatically when a user makes a change in Shepherd’s Staff. 

Examples of these actions include adding a visitor, marking someone as baptized, and changing an individual’s marital status.

  1. Click Add to start the creating a new Task Template.
  2. Enter the Task name (required), Category, and Description / overview.
  3. Check the "Repeat task" box and select the "On Event" option, and choose the action that you want to trigger this task from the "When Someone" field
  4. Assign responsibility or ownership to the task to ensure the task is completed in a timely manner. You can assign up to three people to a single task. The selectable people will be users of Shepherd's Staff.
  5. You may also need to set a “Task start date,” set the “Days to complete” and enter a “Stop repeating on” date.
  6. Make sure to click Save.

Note: If this task has a future start date, check the “Pause until after” checkbox and fill in the appropriate date.


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