Introduction to Contacts


Contacts are people who are responsible for the different aspects of the Scheduler module, such as rooms, inventory, keys, events, vehicles and ministry routes, and contacts link into almost every aspect of the Scheduler module. A contact may or may not be a member of your church.

The first place to start in the Scheduler module is adding contacts. The reason we add contacts first is because they are used in Rooms, Events, Loans, Ministry Routes and even Maintenance. Therefore, you will want to add them in first so you have them when you create these other records.

Any person or business associated with the Scheduler can be entered as a Contact. These contacts are not required to be in the Membership module, but if they are, you can simply import their information directly into Scheduler. This also means that whenever their information is updated in the Membership module, these updates will be reflected in the Scheduler module, such as an update in their phone number.



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