Combined Subgroups



Combined Subgroups are the product of two or more Dynamic and/or Static Subgroups added or subtracted together. These Subgroups are usually the right choice for the following:

» Subtractive Subgroup—You need exclusive information (in list A but not in list B). This is often the best way to find people who DID NOT “qualify” in your search. Start with all people who COULD qualify, subtract all people who DID qualify, and the remainder becomes all people who DIDN’T qualify.

» Additive Subgroup—You need inclusive information (in either list A or list B). It may help to think of this type as producing “or” results. This means that if you add two Subgroups, your results become anyone who was in one list OR the other list.


Here is how to create a combined Subgroup:

  1. Open the Membership or Attendance window click on the Subgroups icon on the Central Toolbar.
  2. From the Subgroups window, click on Add and then select Combined.
  3. Add a name for the Subgroup. A description and category are optional but can be helpful in managing the Subgroups.
  4. Pick a Subgroup to start with from the drop-down. If this is a subtractive group, you will want to start with the list of people who COULD qualify. This is normally the larger of the groups. For the additive Subgroup, you can choose any of the lists to start off with.
  5. Click the blue icon next to the field below to change it to a Plus (additive) or a Minus (subtractive).
  6. Now choose the Subgroup you are subtracting away for a subtractive Subgroup, or the Subgroup you are adding to for an additive Subgroup. Once finished, click OK.
  7. Click Save.
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