Parents Search


The Parents Search tool allows you to search for children, based on specific criteria, and find out who their parents are and then provides you with ways to contact those children's parents and reporting options for these children and their parents. The filtering tools in this search allow you to search for children, and who their parents are based on different options such as Sunday School Grade, Member status of their parents, and age range, as well as other filter options.

  1. Access the Parents Search from the Individuals Tab by clicking Parents Search.
  2. In this window, select what filters you want to use to produce your list of children. These options include:

Children - This field allows you to select a particular group of children by choosing a subgroup, Sunday School Grade, or another List.

Parents - This field checks the Member status of the child's parents at your church. You can filter based on if Either parent is a member, One parent is a member, both parents are members, or neither parents are members.

In this age range - This field allows you to select the lowest and highest age of child you want to search for. If a child does not have a birth date filled in on their person record, they will not appear on your search

Head of household is - This checks the marital status of the head of household that the child is in. You can search by any status, Married, Separated, Divorced or Single.

School name - This filter checks which School a child is enrolled in, based on what is filled out in the Work/School tab of their person record.

Exclude children who are inactive or removed - If this box is checked, no children who have the participation of inactive, or have a removed by reason listed in their person record will be included in the search

  1. After selecting each filter you would like to use, Shepherd's Staff will automatically use this criteria to display the children who meet the criteria of the filters you selected.
  2. Clicking the print button will allow you to print a report that shows the Child's name along with Membership, Contact and information on their Parents. You can group this report in different ways, such as by Ministry Group or Sunday School Grade
  3. Clicking the "Labels" button will take you to the mailing labels screen where you can print out mailing labels for just the people who are showing in your filters.