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The By date view lists all the event records by date and displays the attendance total for each event. If you want to enter just a head count for an event, this is the place to do it. This is an efficient method if taking specific attendance is not an option; however, this data will not be reflected on the profile for any specific person. You can also edit, copy, and delete records.



Event records are automatically created once a batch is posted. An event record cannot be deleted unless all related attendance records in the Attendance Detail view are deleted first.


Key Terms

» Event—A drop-down used to select the type of event a record is for.

» Calculate using—Changes how the totals for the event are calculated, either by using the highest number or adding the event types together. For example, in a worship service, you would use the highest number, which would be the worship event type. This is because not everyone who attended may have taken Communion.


Here is how to add or edit an event summary:

  1. Open the Attendance module and select the Events tab, then select the By date
  2. Click Add in the command line, or double click a record to edit it.
  3. Select an event from the drop-down and select a date.
  4. Enter the Non-visitor and Visitor head counts.
  5. Click Save.



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