Updating offerings to correct pledge year

I'm leery of using the utility to update several thousand offerings that occurred in 2018 but have the pledge year of 2019 attached to the contributor.We re-entered all of the correct pledge year information show it shows 1-1-2018 thru 12-31-2018. The Recalculate Pledges utility seems to be the animal I want but still...




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    Hi Kevin, 
    It sounds like the Recalculate Pledges Utility is the one you are looking for. This utility will go through and attach any offerings to a fund that they are set to pledge to. 

    I understand the hesitation and encourage you to do a backup of the database any time you use a utility that changes data. 

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  • Not what I need. There are beaucoup pledges for 2019 that have offerings in 2018 attached to them. There's a chance I could cobble together an "IF-THEN" query to fix this if I had access to the original code, but that would probably cause multiple conniptions in St Looie.

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