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In the old attendance module, using what is now the 'Advanced' Batch Entry method, when a batch was first opened, the list of Possible Attendees was the Enrollees list.  Now the default is 'Current members, visitors', and it returns to that list even when I select Enrollees, save, close, and re-enter the batch.

Can the default go back to Enrollees, please?  It's a shorter list, and I built it for a reason.  True, the extra step doesn't take long, but it also doesn't make sense to have the event-specific enrollee list NOT be the default.

Or maybe there could be a place in Settings to set our preferred default list by event or across the module?  That would be more complicated to program, but if there's a good reason for this default change that I can't think of, making the default customizable would let those of us who have a strong preference use that drop-down list selection a lot less.



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  • Hi Courtney,

    We appreciate your feedback. You bring up great points and you are using enrollees exactly as intended. I think the change was made because we have seen that many (if not the majority) or users are not using enrollees. Enrollees was removed entirely from Church360 because we saw only a few churches using them when they converted from Shepherd's Staff. 

    Having an option to set a default filter is a great idea however and I'll pass that along to the developers. That is the best approach to accommodate both people like you who use enrollees and those who don't. Thanks again for the feedback!

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