How can I find my database if Shepherd’s Staff says my password is invalid or my ID is not found?



Most likely, your Shepherd’s Staff database has either moved or been disconnected from the software.


If you go to Utilities, there is an option to Select a church database.

After you click that, choose your database.

Typically, a Shepherd's Staff database is on a local or network drive in a ShepherdsStaff folder. The C drive is the most common local drive and if you have a server with the database it would be a network drive.

Our software uses Microsoft Access databases so your file should end with the .mdb extenstion. Usually it will be named Staff with a number following it, probably an 8 or 32. It's also usually the largest database in your ShepherdsStaff folder.


If you can’t find the correct database, please feel free to call support at 1-800-346-6120.

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