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The To-Do List is where church workers go to find their tasks. If you are the Office Manager, you can use the To-Do List to keep track of everyone’s tasks. 

The To-Do List is located on the Central Tool Bar in the Task Manager and To-Do List button. Click the button and select To-do List.

  1. Click “Mark this Task Completed” button (The ✔ button)  to launch the “Complete this task” window. When completing a task, you may select when the date was completed and who completed that task (selected from a list of Shepherds Staff users) or you may leave this information unknown, and leave a comment on the completion of the task. Click OK to save your selections
  2. The “Print a To-Do List” button (The Printer button) lets you print a To-Do List report. Filter your task report by the task status or task name. You may select your desired time frame and several different options. You can also click the Export button (The button that looks like the Microsoft Excel icon) to export your To-Do List to a spreadsheet.
  3. Using the “Add a one-time task” button (The + button) allows you to create a one-time task, set a due date, and assign a category and the person or people responsible for it.
  4. Click the “Edit Task” button (The Pencil button) to update or correct a task. Changes to a task go into effect immediately when the OK button is clicked.
  5. Use the “Delete this task” button (The trash can button) to permanently delete a task.
  6. Click the “Task Manager” button (The clipboard button with the green checkmark) to open the Task Manager utility used for creating and managing task templates.
  7. Click the "View Steps" button (The clipboard button) to see the steps needed to complete the selected task. Click the "Attachments" (The paper clip button) button to see any files or web links that have been attached to this task in the Documents/References tab of the task

You can also limit the information seen on the To-Do List by using any of the provided filters.

» Days Ahead —Shows tasks on your to-do list that are coming due within the selected number of days.

» Completion —Shows tasks on your to-do list with a specific completion status.

» Category —Allows you see only tasks of the selected category.

» Responsibility —Allows you to show tasks that are assigned to only the selected person.

You can also view tasks in a tree view, allowing you to sort tasks by different factors, including date, person, week, or category. To select the tree view, click the "Tree View" button.

Note: If you would prefer not to show the To-Do List upon launch, click the "Hide To-Do List button" at the bottom of the to do list.



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