How can I work with MemberCaller Online


You can access MemberCaller via the internet in three ways:

  1. Within Shepherd's Staff by going to Shepherd's Staff Central->Tools->MemberCaller->Click the Globe icon.
  2. Open a browser and go to and click Sign-in
  3. Open a browser and go to and sign in

The MemberCaller interface offers six distinct tabs to manage and create lists and recordings, as well as view Blast History, and Account Information.


Home tab: the Home tab provides two sub-tabs.  The Home tab view defaults to the Welcome! sub-tab where you can see general account info, including available credits.  The second sub-tab is the Info sub-tab and this provides you with two options, with instructions, to create and record messages.

Call List tab: the Call List tab provides you a list of existing call lists.  These lists are in alphabetical order and provide a list name, description, and size.  You can also click on a list and Edit or Delete it.  If you elect to edit an existing list, you are provided with options to change the name of a list or click on a person's name within that list and make changes to the contact info.  Also, you can create a new list in the Edit tab.

Recordings tab: the Recordings tab provides you a list of available messages, along with the ability to create new messages using pre-recorded messages from your a/v software or from a built-in Telblast Studio.

Create Blast tab: here you can create and schedule an upcoming blast.  You select a recording to use, pick a list or lists to send it to, and then schedule when the calls start and end.

Blast History tab: allows you to see scheduled and completed blasts.  If a blast is scheduled you can edit it to review it or make changes.  If it is completed, you can View Blast Details to get a Summary of the blast including it's name, status, call attempts, and number of dials made, along with delivery totals.  Also, you can see a break down of the number of answered calls, machine pickups, and unanswered calls.  Lastly, you can see Blast Details which provide detailed data on each call made in the blast.

Account Info tab: shows who the contact person is for your church

When you create a call list in SS and sync it to MemberCaller, or create a list directly in MemberCaller, you are creating a list of individuals that have phone numbers attached to their records.  If you have a call list that is reaching out to Households, it sets the phone number precedence as follows: 

“All households with at least 1 non-removed Member”

Sends just one phone number to every household that has at least one non-removed Member.  The order of precedence:  (a) Sends the Cell Phone for the Head of Household, if any, else (b) sends the Cell Phone for the Spouse, if any, else (c) sends the Primary Household Address “PRIMARY” phone number.

If you have a call list that is reaching out to Individuals, it sets the phone number precedence as follows:

"All non-removed members over 18 years old"

Sends just one phone number for every non-removed Member who is 18 years old or older, or who has no birth date entered.  Sends a single phone number – Cell Phone, else Primary Household Address “PRIMARY” phone number.

KEEP IN MIND: MemberCaller only has one phone number to call a person with.  It will make three attempts at that number and then move on to the next number.



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