Task Manager


The Task Manager is a utility for creating task templates, automatically generating tasks from your templates, and completing tasks once they are done. You may also delete tasks that are no longer needed and export your task template list to Excel.

There are three major tabs inside the Task Manager:

» Task Templates—This tab shows your existing task templates and lets you add, edit, and delete templates.

» Tasks To Do—This tab lists all open/uncompleted, template-based tasks from everyone’s to-do list. In addition to viewing existing tasks, you can generate more tasks, filter by responsibility, and export the list to Excel. Use the “Refresh To-do List” Button to erase and regenerate all uncompleted, non-action, template-based tasks.

» Completed Task—This tab lists all completed template-based tasks from everyone’s to-do list. In addition to exporting the list to Excel, you can also filter by responsibility and “completed by.”

Note: This utility is accessible from every module in Shepherd’s Staff.



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