05.30.2020 Update [8.8]


Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200531


  • Change: If an individual does not have a personal e-mail address, it will display the Household e-mail address at the top of the Person Record, instead, so that you don’t have to go check to see if a household e-mail exists.

  • Feature: Shepherd’s Staff can now export church directory data in "Lifetouch" photo directory format. Also, once Lifetouch takes your church photos and sends you the files, you can quickly import the pictures into Shepherd's Staff using the new Lifetouch Import feature.

  • Feature: On the Attendance Roster report, there is a new sort/grouping option for "Master list by household". This option separates people by household, keeping blended families (with differing last names) together. Households sort alphabetically then by person name under the household. Note: The “Master list by name” option has been renamed to “Master list by person”.

  • Feature: In Labels, when printing for individuals (i.e. with a personal-style Addressee selected), you can now choose to combine labels for a given household and address into a single label, using the new “Combine labels to the same household and address" checkbox.
    • Names print in the order sorted, with the first person in the household in the sort order taking precedence. Names therefore cannot be sorted by age within a household (since labels cannot be sorted by age).
    • If including “Current Resident”, it appends “Resident” at the end of the addressee, to conserve space.
    • If printing “Parents of” labels, it only prints “Parents of” once, at the beginning of the addressee.
    • The feature tries to deduplicate last names, so that, for example, “Adam Smith”, “Jennifer Smith”, and “William Smith” will end up as “Adam, Jennifer, Will Smith”. No ampersands are used. Names in the last/first format will not work correctly with this feature. If there is a name difference in the middle, it will be ignored (e.g., “Adam Smith”, “Jennifer Jones”, and “William Smith” will end up as “Adam Smith, Jennifer Jones, William Smith”). The duplication is determined by comparing against the last name of the first person it comes across in the household, alphabetically.
    • This setting does not save with the label Layout but instead defaults to unchecked. This is to prevent unintentional mis-mailings.
  • Feature: Labels and Quick Labels have a new option, “Exclude labels with no address line".
    • Checking this box excludes from mailing labels any address that is missing the address line, or that has “<UNKNOWN>” in the address line. (The word “<UNKNOWN>” had special meaning in versions of Membership prior to 8.8.)
    • This new option does not save with label layouts or form settings. It always defaults to being checked, to prevent wasting mailing labels.
    • This new option does not apply when printing Information labels.
  • Feature: When printing Labels from the common reports, and including the label count, it now includes both the Layout name and the Who filter on that label. For Subgroups or Lists, it prints the subgroup or list name. The date, time and “printed by” have been combined onto a single line. (This feature does not apply to Quick Labels, which have neither Layout nor Who options.)
  • Change: The fields “Church participation (Member)” and “Church participation (non-Member)” have been added to the Mass Update utility in Membership. 


  • Cosmetic fix: In Labels, Mail Merge, and Report Writer, if you changed the Who option, it did not make the blue icon appear on the Save button. The same problem existed in Labels when you changed the Addressee. The same problem existed in Mail Merge if you changed either “Include field names in first row” or “Field separator”
  • Fixed: When viewing the Month-at-a-Glance calendar, Wedding anniversaries could show for widowed individuals, and sometimes a spouse name could show with a different spelling than expected.
  • Fixed:  When viewing Month-at-a-Glance calendar, anniversaries in the future were not showing the correct number of years, and anniversaries in a prior month were off by one year.
  • Fixed: If you have a “head of household” who is marked as Married with a Spouse Name filled in, but there is no spouse entered into the household, when you print anniversary reports, there is no space between the head’s first and last name.  Example:  Mary Smith is the only person in the household, is marked as Married, and has “Tom” entered for Spouse Name.  The couple name was showing as “MarySmith and Tom” instead of as “Mary Smith and Tom”.