04.28.2020 Update [8.8]


Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200428


  • Feature: The Postal Export can now be created for just one household or person.
  • Change: When printing the “By list type and name” or “By person” versions of the Lists reports (from the Lists grid), the report now includes any notes attached to activities, skills, or training.
  • Feature: Selections on the Quick Labels window now save (with the exception of the one-time settings “Repeat each label this many times” and “On the first page, skip this many labels”, to protect against accidentally wasting labels).
  • Feature: New “Calendar with age/years” report option, when a user clicks Print on the Anniversaries grid, now shows the upcoming age/years for the anniversaries.


  • Shepherd’s Staff has been upgraded to use .NET 4.7.2. This has added some new capabilities to the user interface, including:
    • For most data grids the selected column is now indicated by a column header highlight. This highlight is switchable using the left/right arrow keys.
    • In addition, in most data grids you can now toggle the column sorting by pressing the F3 key, instead of clicking in the column header with the mouse.
    • Various improvements have been made to assist with navigation software (such as screen readers).
    • Various compatibility improvements to address the sizing of forms on high-resolution (4K) displays.


  • Fixed: The font size up/down buttons on the label print preview were showing when they should not.
    • (The font size for labels is locked, to ensure they fit correctly and meet USPS requirements, changing the size on the preview has no effect on the output.)
  • Fixed: Error 5, “Invalid procedure call or argument”, was occurring when printing the Calendar of Events in Scheduler with wedding anniversaries, and there happened to be a spouse name that was the same length as the head of household last name.
  • Fixed: When a Delivery Point code was assigned to an address, you could not clear it if the address changed, without doing a Postal Export/Import. A deletion button has been added next to the DP code so it can be cleared.
  • Fixed: In the new design only, the Scheduler toolbar button was requiring you to have Contributions access in order to launch Scheduler.
  • Fixed: The following would occur if you edited a person or household record, minimized the Membership window, made a change to the person or household, and clicked Save: “No room is available to display rows.” Location: CtlSSDataGrid. Routine: FindRowInGrid.
  • Fixed: Changes to Attendance events or event enrollees were not getting flagged to be sync’d with WebTools.
    • Example, if you changed the name of an attendance event, and then ran the sync, the change was not appearing out on WebTools because the “sync is required” flag was not being set to “yes”.
  • Fixed: You could not enter a work phone extensions using “x:”. This has been changed, as follows:
    • After a 12-digit phone number (e.g. 555-555-1212), pressing the spacebar will automatically add "x:".
    • Only one space is allowed in the number, and it must be after a complete phone number is entered.
    • The characters “x” and “:” are only allowed once within the phone number, and they must occur after a complete number is entered.
    • Fixed: When printing a calendar from the Anniversaries grid, it was not printing the day number if there were no events on a given day.