03.31.2020 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200331


  • Change: To facilitate printing “or Current Resident” after household names when printing 3-wide labels (which can truncate text, because 3-wide are so narrow), it now prints “or Resident”, to save space. According to the USPS website, the word “current” is not necessary when using an “Exceptional Address” format: https://pe.usps.com/text/dmm300/602.htm


  • Fixed: “The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add” when Shepherd’s Staff started up, involving long user-defined field names.
  • Fixed: When printing Quick Labels from the Subgroups window for a Static subgroup, if the user changed the label type to a household format, it printed labels for all households, instead.