I can’t enter data in the Church section of an individual’s record. How do I fix this? [FAQ]


Having text cut off or having missing baptism and confirmation boxes in Shepherd’s Staff is probably the display settings in Windows.


If you go into Display settings on your computer, take a look at your screen scale and layout. If the scale is set to more than 100%, Shepherd's Staff is known to cutoff on some views.

You may need to click Advanced scaling settings to see what the scaling is set to.


The rewritten modules of Shepherd's Staff require a minimum resolution of 1366x768 at 100% magnification. The resolution 1920x1080 can be set to 125%, which magnifies text and icons to be 25% larger. 

Note: Windows 10 and Windows 7  handle scaling differently. Shepherd's Staff only support Windows 10 and above.