How do I print a birthday and/or anniversary list? [FAQ]


To show a list of birthdays or anniversaries in our new Membership module,

  • Go to the Membership Module
  • Go to the People Tab
  • Go to the Anniversaries section
  • For the Filter drop down menu, select the specific anniversary you need (Birthday, Wedding, etc)
  • For the Who drop down menu, select who you want to include in your anniversary list
  • In the Search bar, type the month you want to show (January, February, etc)

Note: If you want to add additional filters, you can use the second search bar as well. The drop-down menu will determine how your list will be filtered. 

For example, if you type November in one search bar and December in the other, you have two options:

If you change the menu to "and", the system will filter your list to show who has an anniversary in both November and December, which will yield no results. 

If you change the menu to "or", it will pull up anniversaries in November or December, which will show anniversaries for November and anniversaries in December.

  • To sort your list chronologically by month and day, click the Mth-day header
  •  Click Print for numerous options on how you'd like to print your list

Note: Clicking Print will take you to a Print Preview so you will be able to see the report before it sends it to your printer.


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