How do I clean up my list of subgroups? [FAQ]


The Subgroup Cleanup utility will allow you to find subgroups that are either empty or have not been used in over 18 months. This utility is handy for maintaining your subgroup list, and trimming out subgroups that are no longer useful to your church.

  •  Open the Membership or Attendance window click on the Subgroups icon on the Central Toolbar
  • Click on the "Reports/Tools" tab in the Subgroups window, and select "Subgroup Cleanup
  • Select if you want to look at your subgroups that are empty or unused, and click the "Start" button
  • You will be provided with a listing of your empty or unused subgroups. If you want more information on that subgroup, select it in the window, and click the "Details" button. This will show you with a window that provides the Name, Category, Description, Last Used Date and which user used the subgroup last.
  • If you would like to delete one of the subgroups on the list, select it and press Delete. This will delete the subgroup.

Note: If a subgroup is a part of a combined subgroup, a window will appear when you attempt to delete the subgroup, letting you know what combined subgroup the subgroup you are trying to delete is in, and will not let you continue with the deletion.


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