How do I edit an individuals' personal information? [FAQ]


An individual's record holds important dates and contact information, their relationship with the church, and work and school information.

  • Go into Membership
  • Go to the People Tab
  • Click on the Individuals section
  • Find your person record to edit. Feel free to use search filters.
  • Click Edit or double click the record.
  • The top white box of a record is read-only, to allow for quick referencing. In order to actually add or edit record information, you need to choose from the collapsible tabs in grey. (see below)
  • The individual Person record is made up of eight sections. Each of these sections can be independently collapsed or expanded with the drop-down arrow on the far right of the section label. Or you can expand/collapse all eight sections at once using the double expand/collapse arrows in the lower right corner of the window.
  • In these sections, you can add home, cell and work phone numbers and emails, baptism and confirmation dates, participation status, birth and wedding dates, and marriage status in Personal Information, and death information.