01.30.2020 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200130


  • Change: Bad e-mails addresses now display in the error message when sending e-mails, so that the problem is clear. 

  • Completed: Annual Church Ministries report assistant (Assembly of God).

  • Completed: Data Clean-up utility in Membership.

  • Enhancement: Anniversary reports now show ages as of four months into the future, instead of just two, to support sending information in advance for publication in the Lutheran Witness.

  • Feature: On the Anniversaries grid, there is a new “In 4 months” column, which shows the age the person will be in 4 months.

    • This column is not searchable at this time, due to the obvious conflict that searching for both years now and years in 4 months, at the same time, may give conflicting results.

  • Enhancement: Heading on contact and bulletin list versions of the Anniversaries report now indicates that years are calculated as of four months into the future, e.g. “Wedding Anniversaries (years as of 5/30/2020”)”.

  • Error reporting: Each time a customer reports an error using the automated reporting system, that process now automatically runs “Check for updates” and informs the customer if any upgrades/service packs are available.


  • Fixed: Attendance Behavior report, when printing for “missed more than”, was including those who did *not* miss more than that, and listed their attendance count as “0”.

  • Fixed: When saving Skills and using the “Add multiple” checkbox, it was not saving the Category.

  • Fixed: Attachments to household and person records made prior to version 8.8 were not appearing in the list of attached files.

  • Fixed: Error in the calculation with the baptized member counts on the WELS report.

  • Fixed: Help content was missing from the “?” buttons in the WELS annual report.

  • Fixed: When printing labels (or any other report) for just Newsletter “Digital” or Newsletter “Print”, it was excluding those with “(both)” selected on the Household record.

  • Fixed: When printing Quick Labels from a grid of individuals, if you switch from Person labels to Household labels, it would print the wrong households. If you printed from a grid of households, and switched from Household to Person labels, it would print the wrong people. 

  • Fixed: Issue with Combined subgroups not subtracting people in another subgroup (Static or Dynamic).

  • Fixed: WELS report was not calculating total baptized membership or baptisms this year correctly.

  • Fixed: When printing labels with a name in “last, first, middle initial” format, it was not putting a space between the first name and the middle initial.

  • Fixed: Error “An item with the same key has already been added” occurring after running certain different denomination annual reports in succession.

  • Fixed: When printing Contributions Statements, the following error was occurring with certain addresses: Error 3163, “The field is too small to accept the amount of data you attempted to add.”

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