01.23.2020 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200123


  • Change: In Mail Merge, active alternate addresses are now automatically used when “mailing address” fields are exported. Active personal alternate addresses take precedence over active household alternate addresses if both a household and person are at different away addresses at the same time.
    • Note: If you are printing one person per household, then personal away addresses are excluded from consideration.
  • Change: The compensation box in the Volunteer Manager has been enhanced (using our new “money” textbox, which will be used in other places as the .NET conversion progresses).
  • Feature: New “Participation” tool on the Ministry tab in Membership, that lets you search for activities for people.
    • Among other uses, this tool can be used to get a “voters” report, which usually involves searching for confirmed members who have communed and contributed during a given date range.
    • Who: Operates as other Who combos, with a selection of options applicable to the Participation tool.
    • For this age group: Operates as with the Inactivity tool, but with two additional age categories for children.
    • Participating in: Offers four categories, Worship, Communion, Sunday School, and Giving. (Giving includes both offerings and gifts-in-kind.)

Note: These four options are aggregated, meaning that if you check more than one box, then people must meet *all* of the criteria. For example, checking “Communion” means that people must have communed in that date range; if you also check “Giving” then those people must have *also* given during the date range.

          o The View, Address, E-mail, Subgroup, Export, and Save buttons work as with the other tools (e.g. Inactivity and Follow-up).

          o There are no printed reports for this tool (at this time).


(changes to the Old Main Menu):

  • The WebTools management tools have been moved from the Main Menu Settings to the WebTools Manager window (in the new design, with Membership and Attendance).
  • The Church360 Unite settings have been removed from the Main Menu Settings. Please set or change them from the existing Settings tab, on the Church360 Unite Sync window.
  • Restoring a version 8.4 database or Finance-only backup (which used the old “Compression Plus” COM technology) is no longer available in Shepherd’s Staff.
  • Links to seminars and manuals have been completely removed from the program.
  • The Church Products menu has been moved under the redesigned Shepherd’s Staff Help.
  • The Church Resources menu has been moved under the redesigned Shepherd’s Staff Help.
  • The prompt to register an unregistered database no longer appears on the Shepherd’s Staff login window. (It may return once the login window is rewritten into .NET.)


  • Fixed: On the “subgroups by person” report, “For one household” and “For one person” were missing from under the Who options.
  • Fixed: When printing the Church Phone Book report and including wedding anniversaries, it was printing the anniversary date for divorced or widowed people, instead of only for married people.
  • Fixed: Archived people were appearing in the list of Possible people when adding/editing a Static subgroup.
  • Fixed: In the WELS report, the error “Value of ‘0’ is not value for ‘Value’” could appear when you first loaded the report.
  • Fixed: In Mail Merge, the field “Mailing: carrier route” was displaying at the bottom of the list of Contact fields, instead of with the rest of the “mailing” fields.
  • Fixed: Mail Merge exports to Excel were not sorting correctly.
  • Fixed: When including child age in the church directory, is was not printing “0” for children less than 1-year-old.

• There are two features that are in development, but appear in the user interface, and display a “coming soon” message: (1) Certificate button on the Church Register tabs; (2) Data Cleanup option under Tools/Settings.


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