Mid December 2019 Updates [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), releases 20191208, 20191223, and 20191227


  • Change: Added work phone and work e-mail to the Individuals grid.

  • Feature: “Newsletter method” added to the Mass Update utility.  Setting it to a value other than “none” automatically changes “Send newsletter” to True; setting it to “none” automatically changes “Send newsletter” to False.

  • Completed: Southern Baptist Annual Church Profile (ACP) report. 

  • Completed: WELS annual report assistant.

  • Completed: PCA annual report assistant.


  • Fixed an error that was occurring if you had installed service pack 20191205 or 20191207 and tried to save a Person record.

  • Fixed:  middle name was missing from the Person Record report.

  • Fixed:  Calculation error with the United Methodist report for questions 24 through 27.

  • Fixed:  Calculation error with the United Methodist report when working with Training Classes.

  • Fixed:  Some customers with SCE and SCEF were getting an error when trying to save a Person Record.


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