02.24.2020 Update [8.8]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2020 Version (8.8), release 20200219

 New Features and Changes

  • Feature:  A new filter option has been added to the Church Directory report for households “With a non-removed member”.
  • Feature:  Church Register print preview windows now have the ability to sort the report by event date.  The sort options appear in the lower left of the Preview window.
  • Feature:  Users can now print “by person” Quick Labels from a data grid in the order the grid is sorted. 
    • When Quick Labels appears, there is a new sorting option for “(user-defined as shown in the grid)”. 
    • The option only applies to grids containing people, and only applies when printing labels with a “person” addressee. 
    • The option is not available for Quick Labels using a “household” addressee. 
      • For example, sorting the Anniversaries grid by month/day and printing labels allows you to sort the labels in that manner. Users can sort by any other column. 
    • Be aware that for grids that show a single person multiple times, that the last appearance of the person in the column is the print order that will be used.  So, if you print both wedding anniversaries and birthdays together, you will get a single set of labels that will *not* be sorted as in the because the grid prints more than one, but labels automatically do a deduplication, so that you only get one label per person.
    • The new sort options does not appear when printing Information-style Quick Labels.
  • Changed:  Added sample entries under the Membership reports list for Mailing Labels and Mail Merge, which display a message saying where the feature is now located in the new UI design.


  • Fixed: Formatting of the Received Date on the Person Record report did not match the other date formatting.
  • Fixed:  Tooltips were missing from the right-hand side bar tools in Membership.
  • Fixed:  The “years as of” text in the heading of the Bulletin list report (off the Anniversaries grid) was appearing when wedding anniversaries were not being included.  It should only appear when “Birthday or Wedding” or “Wedding” are selected in the grid filter. 
  • Fixed:  If using a Search criteria in the Households grid, and then click Add to add a new household, when you saved the household you would get the error, “Cannot find column [HeadFirstName].”
  • Fixed:  If using a Filter option in the Households grid, and then click Add to add a new household, when you saved the household you would get the error, “Cannot find column [NumberOf<x>].”, where “x” varied based on the Filter being used.
  • Fixed:  The error “No data exists for the row/column” could occur when displaying the Month-at-a-glance calendar and including Scheduler events.



  • Tech tools: The beta version of MDB-Xfer is now being distributed in the service pack.  Remember that this is a tool of *last* resort.  It should not be use with a “let’s throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” mindset. 


There are *specific* cases in which to use the MDB-Xfer utility, which means you must first understand the nature of the error/problem.  Please refer to my troubleshooting guide that I wrote for CTS back in 2018, located in the Shepherd’s Staff documents repository in FreshService.