Shepherd's Staff 2019 release [8.7]


Release Notes

Shepherd's Staff 2019 Version 20180926 (8.7)

Released September 27, 2018

New Features and Enhancements:

  • A complete redesign with all data presented in a single view with tabs, sections, and a new user interface.
  • Smart searches and filters on each view.
  • A new way to customize Attendance including the ability to rearrange columns in each view.
  • All columns can be sorted.
  • Added the ability to save any view, report, or action for future use.
  • Redesign of batch entry including an all-new basic batch entry.
  • Any view can be made into a report by using filters and searches.
  • A refined, smaller list of special reports that pull data from multiple views.
  • Worship patterns and ability to analyze them.
  • New print preview with the ability to drill down into the data.
  • Improved keyboard navigation and shortcuts.
  • Several back-end changes to make Shepherd’s Staff more efficient.

 Features removed or replaced in Attendance include:

  • Church Dashboard
  • I want to . . .
  • To-do list
  • Month at a Glance
  • Batch numbers
  • Various option in batch entry
  • Replaced find button with new search field in every view
  • “Fast Facts” from all views
  • Can no longer add, edit, or remove attendance summaries. They are now view only and are maintained behind the scenes.
  • Report descriptions
  • Selecting print in any view will always display a preview first.
  • Attendance History report
  • Mailing Labels (temporarily removed)
  • Report Writer (temporarily removed)
  • Attendance Behavior report replaces Absentees, Attendance Follow-up, and Perfect/Missed Attendance reports
  • Event Enrollees report (printed directly from enrollees view)
  • Sunday School/Church Class Roster replaced with Attendance Roster report
  • Ability to import and export subgroups
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