Feature Pack 1 [8.7]


Release Notes

Feature Pack 1 for Shepherd's Staff 2019 Version 20190315 (8.7) 

Released March 22, 2019

New Features and Enhancements:

  • Attendance
    • Updated Advanced Batch Entry and Basic Batch Entry default Who option to Everyone
    • Added ability to add Head count by clicking the Visitor button in Advanced Batch Entry
    • Added a separate Who option for deceased members in batch entry views
    • Improved the logic that is used to predict event dates when entering an attendance batch
    • Added Group by Household option to Attendance Behavior Report
    • Added ability to sort Attendance Behavior Report by Ministry Group and Person Assigned by last date attended
    • Added ability to print a generic Attendance Roster that includes everyone
    • Added the ability to filter by event for enrollees
  • Contributions
    • Updated to support TLS version 1.2, making records transferred over the internet more secure. This change was put in place by Vanco. All older versions of Shepherd's Staff will no longer automatically download records. 
  • General
    • Converted Month-at-a-Glance window to .NET. This window is currently visible only in the Attendance module but will be visible in other modules as Shepherd's Staff is rewritten.
  • Subgroups
    • Converted subgroup reports to .NET


  • Attendance
    • Sorted Households in both Advanced and Basic Batch Entry by sequence and then age
    • Fixed a bug in which users were unable to scroll up in data grids without first scrolling down
    • Scaled module appropriately on a Windows Surface tablet and other 4k resolution notebooks
    • Fixed "Did not attend" Attendance Behavior Report not sorting by last date attended
    • Fixed "Missed more than" Attendance Behavior Report to include people with no attendance in the selected time frame
    • Fixed a rare instance in which the Attendance Behavior report wouldn't show the correct last attended information
    • Fixed saved Attendance rosters to now save the Who drop-down
  • Finance
    • Fixed an error creating incorrect totals in the Account Tree for Income and Expense accounts
    • Fixed an error that occurred when restoring Finance only after a new report has been created
  • General
    • Removed Restore Finance Only from the Audit Log
  • Membership
    • Fixed an issue in which the LCMS annual report was double-counting confirmed adults
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